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Here at Bulldog Self Storage we know that moving can be stressful. Whether you are moving across Winnipeg or across country or need a place to store extra household items, we offer an array of options for all your storage needs. We also provide a great selection of boxes and moving supplies. We have compiled a list of tips to help make moving and storage a success and help prevent unwanted surprises. For more information, contact us today.

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Tips for Moving

Plan your move as far ahead of time as possible. This will allow you to begin pre-packing your less used items and will give you a head start.

If possible plan to move on a day when businesses, banks, utilities, and government offices are open.

Check with your insurance company regarding moving to ensure coverages. For your convenience we sell contents insurance to protect your belongings against fire, theft, damages and vandalism.

Make a list of all the moving supplies you will need such as boxes, packing tape, wrapping paper, mattress bags and tarps. Next, call or visit our store for assistance in purchasing the proper items for your needs.

Book your unit ahead of time. Moving day can be very stressful. This will be one less thing you have to worry about. We can activate your PIN on the date that you want your occupancy to take effect.

Tips for Packing

When packing, store heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.

Use a plastic liner on the floor of your storage unit. We have storage unit liners available for purchase at our store. It will provide protection and help keep your stored items cleaner.

Thoroughly clean refrigerators and freezers to remove all food and debris. Leave the doors slightly open to allow circulation.

When storing lawnmowers, power tools or other motorized tools or vehicles remove all fluids such as oil, transmission fluid and gasoline prior to placing in storage. It Is Unlawful To Store Hazardous Or Combustible Items In Storage.

Do not store any food items, pet food or seed as this may attract insects and rodents.

Remove light bulbs from lamps.

Pack clothing in garment bags or wardrobe boxes which are available at our store. For cotton and or wool items use moth balls to protect against insects.

Provide extra protection to your valuable belongings such as pictures, by placing them between sheets and/or clothing. Packing paper also works very well.

Use packing paper when needed and not newspaper, as the newspaper will smudge and make a mess.

Wax your wood furniture before storing. Then protect with sheets or tarps.

Tips for Using Storage

Number all your boxes and keep a detailed inventory sheet of all its contents. This way when you need an item you know exactly which box to open. Make a copy of the sheet and keep one off site.

Place mattresses and box springs on their side and elevate slightly off the floor when possible. Mattress bags offer added protection.

Store couches upright on their side, this will help you to maximize your space and protect your couch.

Mark the word “fragile” on boxes that contain breakables.

Fill your unit starting with the heavier items in the back and on the bottom if possible. Try to keep things that you need most access to near the front.

Leave a little space between your items and the walls of your units. This will allow for better ventilation.